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Anyone interested in volunteering with the Honolulu Habitat for Humanity organization in Honolulu must complete a volunteer orientation. Honolulu Habitat for Humanity offers two volunteer orientation options.

The first is, attend an in-person orientation held twice a month at the Honolulu Habitat ReStore. The second is, review the Volunteer Orientation Video posted on Volunteer Up, and score at least 67% on this associated quiz. One or other must be completed before signing up for your first volunteer shift. Please take a few minutes to view the Safety Video that also is posted on that site.

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  1. In what year did Linda and Millar Fuller launch the Habitat for Humanity organization?
  2. What is the primary Habitat for Humanity mission?
  3. Which three (3) criteria must Habitat Homeowners meet?
  4. Habitat homeowners are given free housing. True or False?
  5. What year was the HONOLULU Habitat for Humanity affiliated formed?
  6. Which two (2) programs does the Honolulu Habitat affiliate support?
  7. In what single way does Honolulu Habitat for Humanity differ from its mainland counterparts?
  8. The Honolulu Habitat ReStore is a nonprofit home improvement store and donation center that sells new and gently used furniture, appliances, building materials and home accessories. True or False?
  9. Anyone can donate items to the Honolulu Habitat ReStore, and the ReStore is open to the shopping public. True or False?
  10. Why are individual volunteers and volunteer groups important to ReStore staff and operations?
  11. What is a secondary purpose of the Honolulu Habitat ReStore?

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