Whats your quirk? (Bnha)

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I hope you enjoy my quiz! You dont have to. But good luck :) i hope you get 100% and if you want to you can share this quiz with friends! :) love you all! now you can scroll

Like i said i hope you enjoy this quiz! it was hard making these but here i am finally finishing this quiz and writing this. Love you all, you many now scroll

Created by: hedeve
  1. Do you like dark places and find it calming?
  2. Do you like silence?
  3. If you had to choose a villain, who would you choose? (Villain AU)
  4. What Kind of Music do you like?
  5. Choose one person.
  6. Which one do you prefer?
  7. Choose a color team
  8. How much anime did you watch?
  9. Do you have a lot of friends?
  10. Are you loud or quiet?
  11. Do you listen to other people and change yourself for only them? (please dont do that all the time, be yourslef)

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Quiz topic: Whats my quirk? (Bnha)