whats your personality?

personalities are very important in the world. its a personality that makes people unique.everyone has there own style, opinion and taste! a personality is how someone thinks.

Whats were your personality? are you a geeky guy or an attractive teen girl? Maybe your a stubborn old man. but thanks to this amazing quiz,you can find out!

Created by: kristina
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  1. is school really important to you or would you rather go dancing?
  2. what would you wear on a casual day?
  3. your friend decides to go hiking with you but you dont feel like it what do you do?
  4. you have a science test coming up but you promised your friends to go to the mall for some shopping,you...
  5. your boyfreind/girlfriend dumped you, so you...
  6. theres an awesome party coming up but your mother won't let you go. what do you do?
  7. your doing a project with your freind. she/he decicdes to be the leader. you...
  8. how is the quiz?
  9. ok ok,lol, i was joking honestly how do u like the quiz?
  10. do you like me?
  11. last question, should i make more quizzes?

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Quiz topic: Whats my personality?