Whats your movie personality?

There are many talented people in the world,but unfortunately not everyone has the motivation or power to use it.Do you have the brains to be one of the few to succeed?

Are you a film buff can you talk circles around other movie-goers who think they know everything about movies?who know's you may meet your match,there may be someone in your circle that can beat you at your own game.

Created by: olga of olgasmoviehouse.blogspot.com
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  1. Who is annie's(kriten wiig)bestfriend in bridesmaids?
  2. Who is collin(chris evans) to ally(anna faris) in whats your number?
  3. Why did kyle(alex pettyfer) invite lindy(vanessa hudgens)to his mansion in beastly?
  4. Who is a clothing designer in new years even?
  5. What happend to bella(kristen stewart) that threatends her life in breaking dawn pt.1?
  6. Why did john(channing tatum)leave sanvannah in dear john?
  7. Why did logan(zac efron) look for beth in the lucky one?
  8. Who stars in the political thriller olympus has fallen?
  9. What is the 2013 movie the heat about?
  10. What best friend ends up with dax(collin eggsfield) in something borrwed?

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Quiz topic: Whats my movie personality?