Whats your horoscope?

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This quiz is to determine what your horoscope is..the rule is to pick one question (after you have read them all) and pick the answer that suits you best....

If you didnt get your right horoscope (if you know it already) go back and try answering them all until you get the right one!! but if you get it on the first try! YAY!!!

Created by: pkiera75
  1. How nice are you?
  2. Are you demanding?
  3. Do you change emotions? like one moment your shy and the next your center of attention?
  4. Are you awfully shy?
  5. Do you sometimes get confused and completely clueless?
  6. Do you love talking and like social gatherings and such?
  7. You can lie and cant even sugar coat the truth?
  8. Do you fight and/or sometimes fight with the current?
  9. Are you very frank and innocent?
  10. Are you passionate in love and can hate with equal aggressiveness?
  11. ok i didnt add the last two Taurus and Virgo i accidentally hit continue, instead of adding the last to..... so im going to give them in the comments.....

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Quiz topic: Whats my horoscope?