whats your high school sterotype?

Many people are judged at school about what sort of person they are. Most of us disagree with what others say about us but wouldn't it be nice to know if what the are saying is real?

What is your social stereotype? Wouldn't you like to know? Even if its just for a bit of fun give my quiz a go. I apologize for any spelling errors in the quiz.

Created by: amy

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. when you are at school your mind is most focused on..
  2. At lunch time you are usually with..
  3. your favorite lesson is..
  4. I like to..
  5. my favorite color is..
  6. my favorite food is..
  7. my weekends are spent..
  8. music is..
  9. my cloths are..
  10. school is..

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Quiz topic: Whats my high school sterotype?