What sterotype are you?

What Is A Sterotype? In My Opinion, I Believe Sterotyping Is Dumb And Stupid. Funny How I Made This Quiz, Isn't It? Well Don't Hate And Try My Quiz. I Hope You Will Enjoy My First Ever Quiz.

Have You Ever Wondered What Sterotype You Fit In? Do You Really Want To Find Out? Would You Like Me To Stop Asking All These Dumb Questions? Then Start The Quiz!

Created by: Gemini
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hi. Why did you decide to take this quiz? (This question will not affect your score.)
  2. Let the seriousness begin! There is a new trend at your school. What will you do?
  3. Academic Decathlon sign-ups are being posted. Are you in?
  4. There's a big school game after school. Are you going?
  5. School Dance is coming up. Will you attend?
  6. I know this is a commonly asked question, but (hides a bazooka behind back.) what is your favorite color?
  7. What do you think is the correct equation for Pi? (if you don't know, pick the one that applies to you.)
  8. How did you like my quiz? I don't care if u comment or rate.
  9. Darn! More questions.... How do you feel?
  10. Okay. Thanks for coming! CHOW!

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Quiz topic: What sterotype am I?