whats your dream kiss?!

there are lots of types of kisses, theres long dramatic kisses and theres smoochy kisses which make you go ewwww, when you see it. also, sometimes people dont have fresh breath and sometimes people get butterflies in their tummies.

so whats your kind of kiss? is it movie star style or just plain boring? by the way, this is for girls only, so if youve clicked on this quiz, boys, you may as well click back now. anyway, find out after answering twelve questions.

Created by: lisa

  1. have you kissed someone before?
  2. how confident are you?
  3. whats the most romantic scenery?
  4. are you popular?
  5. do you have fresh breath?
  6. are you a bit of a show off?
  7. out of these what are you?
  8. what kind of clothes would you wear if you were kissing?
  9. what kind of thing would you do after you'd kissed?
  10. why did you take this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Whats my dream kiss?!