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  • I got a 75%, I'm happy

    Battlebuda21 Oct 23 '18, 10:53PM
  • And i tried it again and it got me 77%... that's nice!

    TheFanOfGaming May 18 '18, 7:04AM
  • What the f--- do these answers have to do with being physically attractive or socially attractive? 66% ain't bad, but seriously?

    GtfoScrub May 9 '18, 1:28AM
  • Yo i'm a guy and i got 75%! I'm happy.

    TheFanOfGaming Apr 29 '18, 3:47PM
  • Why do u assume that the person taking this is male? Still a great quiz though i got 56%

    click_here_NOW Feb 4 '17, 5:34PM
  • Got 70% I'm glad that a lady thinks I can get a girlfriend. Cool quiz

    theninetailedfox Apr 20 '16, 3:56AM
  • lol im a girl and i took this i got 72%

    IceBabe Mar 10 '12, 6:23PM
  • if your after a girl your more than likely to e male so why the period bit

    destinaxe Mar 1 '12, 6:36PM

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