Whats your aesthetic?

Find out your aesthetic(s)! In this quiz you will find out which aesthetic you relate to in MY perspective! If you don’t agree, please don’t come and complain because this is MY perspective!

You will be able to get the aesthetics from Indie, Baddie, Softie, and all the aesthetics! I don’t know about the other aesthetics apart from these, so if you get all the aesthetics you can either choose which aesthetic from that you are, or just go with all aesthetics!

Created by: astra
  1. What’s your favourite colour out of these colours?
  2. How much makeup do you wear?
  3. What’s your favourite movie/a movie you would like to watch (out of these choices)
  4. What sports would you like to play/play?
  5. How tall do you wanna be whenever you stop growing if you’re a girl/if you were a girl
  6. How tall would you like to be when you stop growing if you’re a boy/if you were a boy
  7. What pet would you like out of these pets?
  8. What colour would you like your hair to be (dyed) out of these colours?
  9. How big do you want your bed to be?
  10. What’s your zodiac element?

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Quiz topic: Whats my aesthetic?