whats you genre?

People have many genres. a genre is basically a way of defining your self to some extent. yours can be anything. this also shows why people like or dislike you do to the way you act around them.

what is your genre? anime person? jock? smarty pants? all this and more (lol). in just 11 questions this can basically sum up your main personality (to some extent). please take this quiz and you might have some fun. =D.

Created by: Alex N.

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you athletic?
  2. are you a fan of cartoons?
  3. are you lazy? (answer honestly people!)
  4. do you like anime?
  5. are you smart?
  6. how well do you rock out?
  7. are you average?
  8. do you take part in any band activities?
  9. are you in orchestra?
  10. do you like MCR? (my chemical romance)(this will not hurt your grade)

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