Whats up take this fun quiz SquatHaltingUpdraft

Hello there this quiz will just be asking you silly and random questions there will be around eight answers and there is only a few questions so don’t get to stuck on just one

There might be questions that don’t make sense at all and answered that are a whole different topic that the question it may be asking if you like something spoiler alert I’m not giving the question away come and try it for your self but I will give you an example do you like the shape of a square or something like that

Created by: Eshal Muzaffar

  1. How you feeling
  2. What’s your favorite color
  3. I’m bored are you
  4. Roses are red violets are blue I like flowers how about you
  5. What’s your favorite holiday if you celebrate that one
  6. Do you like pink
  7. 4. More to go
  8. Do you like animals
  9. do you like horror movies
  10. Do you like documentaries

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