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there are many smart people, but a few true music geniuses. music genius, after all, quite exceptional. what is a music genius? a music genius is someone who has an extraordinarily cleaver mind in music and can solve these compleX questions!

"Are YOU a music genius? Do you have the music smarts to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!"

Created by: Softball05
  1. Right Round- Flo Rida From the top of the pole I watch her go [down] She got me throwin my ------ [around] Ain't nothin more beautiful to be [found] It's goin down down
  2. Lady GaGa- Bad Romance I want your drama The touch of your ----- I want you leathe-studded kiss in the sand I want your love Love-love-love I want your love Love-love-love I want your love
  3. PITBULL - Hotel Room Service Bring your girls its whatever tonight, your man just left, i'm the plumber tonight, i'll check your pipes, oh, you the ----- type.
  4. SOULJA BOY - Kiss Me Through The Phone Take eme you know that I miss you but I wanna Kiss ya I wanna get with you ------ but I can't now baby girl And that's the issue
  5. BLACK EYED PEAS - I Got A Feeling Go out and smash it (smash it) Like Oh My God (like oh my god) Jump off that ---- (cmon) Lets kick it up
  6. Iyaz - Replay We´re real worldwide breakin all the rules Someday I wanna make you my wife That girl like somethin off a ---- That girl is a dime they say That girl is the gun to my holster She´s runnin through my mind all day ay
  7. JAY-Z - Run This Town Life's a game but it's not fair I break the rules so I don't care So I keep doin' my own thing Walkin' tall against the ---- Victory's within the mile
  8. JAY SEAN - Down Just let it be, come on and bring your body next to me, I'll take you away, hey, turn this place into --- private getaway,
  9. CIARA - Love Sex Magic Everything ain't what it seems I wave my ----- and I got you And you feel so fly assisting me But now it's my turn to watch you
  10. ABC.... find the mistake abcdefghjiklmnopqrstuvwxyz

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