Whats hairstyle suites you best

"Thinking of re-styling your hair,don't know what to choose? I went there,I wanted long and short hair (and i didnt have enough money to buy those un affordable extensions)."

"Or ArE YoU JuSt boReD??? Have fun! And Don't shave your head like Britney Spears! This quiz is 12 questions.That is the minimum"Enjoy!Ps. Don't play with matches

Created by: maia

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. is your face long? (oval shaped)
  2. what is your weight???
  3. what is your weight???
  4. (this quiz is mainly 4 girls)PLZ enter your gender.
  5. Whats closest to your name (or is your name XD)
  6. what style is your hair right now???
  7. what style is your hair right now???
  8. How do you think your hair will best look?
  9. Whats your height?
  10. Last question:whyd u take this quiz???

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