What Zoey 101 character are u?

Are u one if those hot guys everyone loves? Or a living friend and older sister everyone adors? Or are you boy crazy? Or are you considered a slob and negative all the time? Well, find out by taking this quiz!

What Zoey 101 character are YOU most like? Well to find out, take this quiz! Are you Zoey, Chase, Nicole, Mark, Dana, Logan, Michael, Dustin, Quinn or Lola? Find out

Created by: Alyssa

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who's you favorite girl character in Zoey 101?
  2. Who's your favorite boy character in Zoey 101?
  3. What do u like to do on your free time?
  4. What is in your room?
  5. What's your personality like?
  6. What kind of person would u go out with?
  7. What word BEST describes u?
  8. Hobbies?
  9. Pick a Zoey 101 quote
  10. Whats your grades like?

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