What Zodiac sign should you be

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Find out who you are truly. there are no negative stuff in this quiz because I wouldn't want to be told something bad and I have no clue who he/she is. Everyone deserves a nice start to the day.

What Zodiac sign are you? (sorry I couldn't put in Aquarius or Pisces) Thank you for doing my quiz and I hope you are happy with the result. I am a Gemini in my birthday and personality. what about you?

Created by: nonojackson101

  1. Which is you personlity
  2. Whats your favorite color. (Just for fun) -no affect on results-
  3. How creative do you think you are? -one for pretty bad and 10 for artist :)-
  4. What sport are you good at?
  5. How flexible are you to changes. (1 not so good to 10 very good)
  6. Do you fell pretty/handsome no matter how you look?
  7. How are you doing today?
  8. Would you be my friend?
  9. Like the quiz I made (took forever!!) -don't count:)-
  10. Have a good day!! -don't count either-

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