What zodiac are you ?

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Hello do you want to know what zodiac sign you are we'll am Leo what are you join me on this quiz to see don't for get there is no wrong answer trust me.

Now join us please and don't for get about the comment about my quiz by the way my name is keina and this is my first quiz show love and support and good bless you let's go.

Created by: Keina

  1. 1 what season where you born in ?
  2. What is you mom or dad born in ?
  3. What is your fav thing to do
  4. If you were a boy what will you do
  5. How would you like to look when you are older
  6. What will you name your kids
  7. What would you live with out
  8. How old are you
  9. What zodiac do you think you are
  10. Pick one
  11. You need more to do
  12. Kidding bye
  13. Last what is your name

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Quiz topic: What zodiac am I ?