What will your soulmates zodiac sign be?

I don't know what to say but the thing is making me type this and uh I guess I will try to find out what your soulmates horoscope will probably be. or something...

Not 100% accurate please don't sue me in the future because the quiz was wrong I'm only 12 it's just a fun quiz so don't kill me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IDK what to say..... _

Created by: Harmoney... im a leo
  1. what is your favorite food?
  2. what is your favorite color?
  3. what is your favorite thing to do?
  4. how popular are you on social media?
  5. How popular are you in school?
  6. have you ever been in a fistfight?
  7. Did you win?
  8. do you have a crush?
  9. what is his sign?
  10. do you like this quiz? don't be rude pls it's my first time and it's 12:30 in the night ily this one is six either way! :)

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Quiz topic: What will Ir soulmates zodiac sign be?