What you were in the other life?

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Many of us wanted to see in time. Time machine is not acceptable now, but what if you find out about your other life. You know?! Reincarnarion! This term is used for people who die and then spend 40 years in purgatory in order to gain another body.

Do you have dreams about you being other person? You have flashbacks from other times? You wish you could have an idea about yourself? You really are a child of reincarnation? Well let's see..

Created by: lexi
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  1. Choose a color!
  2. Choose an activity!
  3. Choose a Cartoon!
  4. Great humans discuss about....
  5. Choose an animal
  6. You want to eat...
  7. Choose a pet.
  8. Choose a character!
  9. Choose a city!
  10. Choose a singer!

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