What Wrestler are you?

The WWE is full of amazing Superstars and Legends, such as John Cena, and The Rock. They all have amazing qualities, that make them fun to watch and see.

Now, you get the chance to find out, which WWE Superstar are you the most like? Answer 12 simple questions, and the Quiz will tell you what superstar you're like, it doesn't even take 2 minutes to try!

Created by: Xman321

  1. Someones calling you out. How are you going to respond to this?
  2. Why do you wrestle?
  3. How well do you work in a tag team?
  4. What kind of wrestling are you best at?
  5. How do you feel at a Wrestlemania?
  6. Are you a Heel or Face?
  7. What do you do besides wrestling?
  8. What would be the best spot you think you could handle?
  9. How do you perform a finisher?
  10. What is your goal in wrestling?

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Quiz topic: What Wrestler am I?