What Would You Do?

Out of all the people I've met, very few would do anything that would qualify them as a TRUE great person. Sure, some would help out now and then, but none would do anything that puts there life on the line, even if it was for a friend.

So, would you be considered a good peron? If you where faced with a problem that could happen any time, any day, any where, and to anyone... What Would YOU Do? Would you help out? Would you put your own life on the line to save a friend? Or would you just stand by and do nothing? Why not take this quiz and find out what kind of person you truly are...

Created by: Heather

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  1. Your walking home one day, and all of a sudden one of your friends comes running at you going full speed and crying there eyes out. You:
  2. Your friend calms down long enough to tell you that this guy just tried to beat him/her up. You:
  3. Whatever you did, the guy leaves and will never bother you or your friend again. But your friend is still sad, so you:
  4. After a while your friend cheers up, but all of this has made you both really hungry. Where yould you take your friend to get some food?
  5. Where ever you went you are both stuffed. You step outside and notice its really late. Your friend lives far away and is still a little shooken up, you:
  6. As your walking a group of guys walks out of an alley and blocks your way. Turns out these guys are friends of the guy from before, and they don't look too happy, you:
  7. Whatever action you took, there is no sign of them, you continue your walk but notice your friend is hurt and is having some trouble walking, you:
  8. You and your friend FINALLY reach his/her house. You are about to leave when your friend grabs your arm. He/She says, "thanks for the help, but if something like this happened again... would you be there to help m again?" Your answer is:
  9. Second To Last Question!!! If you and me met, would you become my friend?
  10. Last Question! Did You Like this quiz?

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