What WOF Oc are you? (my ocs)

Hello! This is my first (ever) quizz! it might be bad but pls understand TuT. (unneeded TMI time-) fave tribe: Rain, Sand // fave Patlanta tribe: Leaf, Hive // (*me not knowing why im doing a unnessary TMI-*)

So, this quizz is about what WOF oc you are. Im pretty sure that these ocs are original (i think. if not, im so sorry i didnt know). I hope you enjoy (!) + (?)

Created by: BeigeTheSandWing

  1. What is your personality? (might not be there- if so, pick the closest one)
  2. What is your fave color? (lol sorry i needed to ask)
  3. What snack do you like the best? (again might not be a choice- pick your 2nd or 3rd fave)
  4. What would you do if both your frend and bf/gf are drowning?
  5. Do you wear glasses?
  6. What letter does your first name start with? (trust me, im totally not a stalker)
  7. What WOF tribe to you like the best?
  8. What is your lucky number? (if you dont have a lucky number, choose a random number)
  9. If you need to change your name (dont ask why), what would it be?
  10. Last question: did you like this? (be honest pls i wont take offence lol)

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Quiz topic: What WOF Oc am I? (my ocs)