What Wings Of Fire dragon from Pyrrhia are you?

This test will tell you what dragon of Pyrrhia you are. I hope you get the dragon you like. (sorry i didnt have room to fi icewings in sorry!) Have a great day!

This is my first quiz and i hope i did good, please leave a comment on how I can improve my quizes. I hope you get the dragon you would want and have a great day!

Created by: Ellie of this site
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  1. What element of protection do you like best?
  2. whats your favourite color combination?
  3. What place would you want to move to?
  4. What temputure do you like the best?
  5. What Wings Of Fire dragon do you want to get? (will not affect your awnser)
  6. whats your personality?
  7. what would you rather do?
  8. Which queen would you support?
  9. would you wanna be part of the war?
  10. (LAST QUESTION) Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Wings Of Fire dragon from Pyrrhia am I?