What wing can I play in soccer

U are a good player,but it is somehow difficult to identify ur position.so take this quiz to find out.if you are winger:like CR7 STRIKER:SUAREZ MIDFEILDER:XAVI DEFENDER:PUYOL GOALIE:HART

Now you know your position,find a team,research,train and then show them u are better than those superstars.is it ronaldo,costa,benzema,neymar name them etc

Created by: Valentine

  1. Can u run 400m non stop
  2. Which player do you love most
  3. What dribbling style do you love
  4. How high can you jump
  5. When u see a striker running towards ur area
  6. What gives you joy most in soccer
  7. Why Do u play soccer
  8. Which team do you love most
  9. What do you do when your team is losing
  10. Can you slide
  11. What do you think is the back bone of a team

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