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  • This is scary my crush's names Josh. :0

    Raptor Gal Apr 26 '15, 3:47AM
  • Sorry I'm marrying in college so josh isn't goin to happen

    karissnjujay Dec 31 '14, 9:10PM
  • I got Josh ewwwww! that's my best friends brothers name

    wesrd Nov 30 '14, 10:27PM
  • i got matt...i'm blushing like crazy

    des4life Aug 31 '13, 9:59AM
  • I got josh!ugh I know a josh exactly like that and he is a d***!

    vampiresmymuse Apr 30 '12, 10:17AM
  • matt. idk bout the name but the description is awesome and exactly what i want

    cc95 Sep 29 '11, 3:05AM
  • I got Matt...wow how coincidental my crush's name is MAtt! lol but true...i luv u matt

    isabelmarine Feb 10 '11, 7:07PM

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