what will your future job be?

this quiz is about what job you will have in the future. the jobs are real jobs and the money you would earn each week is an approximate number. I don't exactly know anything about jobs and I definitely cannot tell you what your future will be.

This quiz is only fun intended; i'm not saying that you will definitely get that job because this quiz is just a bit of fun.good luck on getting a good job and good luck... :)

Created by: Kira baggs

  1. what is your dream job?
  2. do you work now?
  3. do you ever want to become famous from your job?
  4. do you like your current job?
  5. do you want to work with your partner in your dream job?
  6. how many hours would you like to work in your ideal job?
  7. how much pay would you like a week in your ideal job?
  8. what drinks do you like drink at work?
  9. would you bring in your own food or get food while at work?
  10. if you were a teacher would you like to teach?.....
  11. if you were a sports coach what sports would you coach
  12. if you were a musician what instrument would you play?
  13. if you were a singer what style of music would you sing?

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Quiz topic: What will Ir future job be?