what will you be in the future

there are people who are still confuse on what they will take up or be when they grow up. you are really lucky, because you have found this Quiz, that will help you make right choices in life. and somehow give advices on how you can achieve that goal.

are you one of the people who are yet to discover what you will be when you grow up. here, you can learn and be given advices on how you can achieve that goal of yours.

Created by: sofia of your future is at hand
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  1. what do you prefer doing on a boring day?
  2. if someone spilled wine or any beverage on your new and expensive attire. how will you react?
  3. did you ever have a relationship with the same sex?
  4. do you want to have a job?
  5. are tired of people bossing you around?
  6. what kind of person are you?
  7. are you:_____?
  8. are you:_____?
  9. are you:_____?
  10. do you want to get married?

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Quiz topic: What will I be in the future