What were you in your past life?

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Has anyone ever told you that you are wise beyond your years? That you seem older than you actaully are? Find out here what you may have been in your past life.

Do you want to know what you may have been in your past life? Do you wonder a lot what that could have been? Take this quiz and find out now! Good luck! Hope you like it!

Created by: kaygirl322 of Explore Talent
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  1. You have a feeling something bad is going to happen today. Do you shake it off and ignore it, or confide in a close friend?
  2. Your friend asks you for a piece of gum, and you only have one piece left. Do you give it to them?
  3. Your friend falls down the stairs an hurts himself. What do you do?
  4. You live in an apartment building. The fire alarm wakes you up, you jump up and you are told to exit the building. Across the hall, you hear screaming and see someone's doorway is blocked with flames. What do you do?
  5. Pick a color.
  6. Choose your eye color:
  7. What do you think you would be in your past life?
  8. Has anyone ever told you that you seem older than you are? Wise beyond your years?
  9. Which of these things are you most interesting to you:
  10. which of the following are you:

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Quiz topic: What were you in my past life?