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  • My result was a baby wedgie but my friends gave me a hanging one. They blindfolded me then they lifted me on a tree branch at the park where there was alott of people. Then they found a bambu stick and pulled a phone out and started filming me. The worst part was they SPANKED ME with the stick while i was hanging there. I was hanging for a good 15 min and they spanked me the whole 15min. And the spanks wasnt little waks they where full on punishment spanking. And im white so you could really se that i was spanked hard. And my crack and ass was sore for about 3-4 moths and i could barrely sit down. Well i guess i deserve it beacuse ones hid there clothes in the locker- room so yeah. Thats my story (there where only two of my friends that did all that to me)

    • My result was the baby diaper deluxe but I had to wear the diaper for longer than a week :(

  • I got the 10 hour wedgie and it still hurts. My friends hung me on the wall and I just sat there for 10 hours. After the 10 hours were up they gave me a spanking and swirly while I was still in the wedgie


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