What wedgie do you deserve (guys only)

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This quiz will determine what kind of wedgie you deserve. It will ask you questions about your school life and use your answers to see what wedgie you will get.

Are you a bully? You don't deserve a wedgie! Are you a nerd? You probably deserve some atomics and hangings. Are you the prime bully target of your school? Then you might end up on the flagpole...

Created by: wedgiedude

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  1. How old are you?
  2. What underwear do you wear
  3. Do you give or receive wedgies?
  4. What was the worst wedgie you've given?
  5. What was the worst wedgie you've received?
  6. What wedgie do you receive the most
  7. What's your social status in school
  8. Do you play sports?
  9. Are you on your school's football team?
  10. What clubs do you go to after school?
  11. It's time for gym class. What do you do here?
  12. What do you usually do after school and clubs are over

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Quiz topic: What wedgie do I deserve (guys only)