love less part 1

(girls only)New school. New people. HOT GUYS! Go on an adventure at your new school. Your type of person might be a totally unexpected guy. Find out who you'll end up with in this quiz.

hot guys: Derek-dark sexy emo, Jack-popular handsome jock, Ian-black leather jacket wearing hottie, and Jay-the quiet handsome normal seeming guy who seems to have something to hide

Created by: Mackenzie

  1. "Welcome to your new school!" says your new principal. She shows you around the school and you spot a hot jock running through the hall in your direction. The principal stops him and he turns to look at you. "Hi," he says, "I'm Jack. Nice to meet you." He puts his hand out to shake. You...?
  2. You shake hands and he says, "You're cute, but I've got to go. See you next hour!" The principal shows you to your next class and you enter. She introduces you to the teacher and leaves. You take the only empty seat available next to an emo guy. He says in a deep, sexy voice, "You new here? I'm Derek." You tell him your name and he says, "Cool. Wanna skip next hour with me?" You say...?
  3. You say, "Are you crazy? This is my first day of school!" He smiled darkly at your expression and says, "Jeez, I was just messin' with ya! But, would you want to catch a movie later?" You stare at him blankly before answering...?
  4. "Yes," you accidentally say. He smiles and then leaves as the bell rings before you can change your answer. You pick up your books and head to your next class. You try to get to your class but before you know it, you're lost. You see another hot guy with sand-colored hair who's wearing a black leather jacket and decide to ask him where your next class is. "Um, hi," you say. "Hi," he says back without looking. "Can you help me find my next class?" you ask. "Maybe," he looks at you and his green eyes light up brightly. "Where do you need to go?" he asked, suddenly interested. You pull out a paper and show him. He leads you to your next class and you thank him. "My name's Ian," he says and grabs you around the waist and pulls you close. You...?
  5. Before you can say anything, the bell rings. You look at him and he plants one on your lips and is gone. You...?
  6. You stand there, dazed and look at the name on the classroom, Surprised to see that this was your class for this hour. You shake your head and walk inside. You tell the teacher you're new and she gives you a seat right next to a cute guy. He seems nice and has a friendly smile when he sees you. You smile back and he introduces himself, "Hi, I'm Jay." You tell him your name and he says, "Why do you look afraid?" Surprised that he knew that, you say, "All the guys I've met today sorta creep me out. Especially Ian..." He looks at you sympathetically and says, "Did he kiss you? He's trying to set a world record. He's kissed every attractive girl in this school." "Really?" you ask and he nods. "It doesn't mean he likes me, right?" Jay frowned and said, "Actually it means he does, but if you want him to leave you alone you better tell him before he gets to stalker mode." You...?
  7. "You seem like the most normal person I've met so far," you say. "Really?" he asked. "You're the only person who thinks so." "Really? Why?" you ask. The look he gives you says he doesn't want to tell you and right as he opens his mouth to reply, the bell rings. He jumps up and is gone before you can ask your question again. You head out of class to your locker. You get your books and see Jay coming towards you. He says, "Sorry I ran off. I just don't like people knowing much about me and I don't really want to tell you." You...?
  8. He says, "I'll tell you why..."
  9. So which guy do you like most? (this won't count on your score)
  10. Sorry need another question! :D

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