What WEBTOON should you read?

Hello, it's me, Shuaijin! This is my second quiz, trying out personality quizzes! Since I am also a fan of webtoons, I plan to make this quiz to reccomend some of them to quizzers.

I'm making "What WEBTOON should you read?" quiz, WEBTOON is a company, it's super legit, it showcases popular webtoons that are made into dramas, like Cheese in the Trap, Dr. Frost, etc. so I just made this for fun.

Created by: Shuaijin
  1. What do you look for in comics?
  2. Korean or American?
  3. Do you like romance? Shipping the characters?
  4. What colors do you prefer seeing?
  5. Do you want scenes that'll probably make you cry, or make you in a good mood?
  6. Would you prefer...
  7. When do you usually use Wi-Fi (at least the nearest) ?
  8. Are you BTS fan?
  9. What genre do you like?
  10. Which of these have you seen or heard of these WEBTOONS already?

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Quiz topic: What WEBTOON should I read?