What Warrior Cat Rank Are You?

This quiz tests what rank you would be from the popular series Warriors by Erin Hunter. The results are: Queen, Elder, Leader, Med cat, Loner, Kittypet, and Warrior.

I hope you enjoy this quiz, and have a good time taking it. (I also suggest that you read warriors before taking this quiz.) Anyway, you should stop reading this and start taking the quiz!

Created by: A Random Person

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  1. A rival clan attacks camp, you:
  2. Your clan is crossing a thunderpath when monsters come around the corner. You:
  3. You have a day off, you:
  4. For fun you:
  5. in a mate, you look for:
  6. Of these cats, I like best:
  7. it's leafbare and there is only one piece of fresh-kill left. you:
  8. If I could choose who I wanted to live with I would choose:
  9. You die. When you are told by a starclan cat that you are going to starclan you:
  10. How did you like this quiz? (Does not change results at all)

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Quiz topic: What Warrior Cat Rank am I?