What Warrior Cat Are You Truly?

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This is a warrior cat quiz. This is to know which cat you really ARE! I tried to put lots of effort into it but if you did not like the quiz well then I am sorry but that is just what you think.

I hope you will like this quiz well I did try to put all the character details anyway umm well this is just to see your results so don't go to berserk on this quiz ok?

Created by: Isabela or Silverpelt of horseland.com
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  1. What Clan Would You Like? It's ok to be honest.
  2. What would you like you name to be?
  3. Pick ANY Thing
  4. If There Was A Battle You Would ________________?
  5. If You Leader Died And You Were Deputy You Would?
  6. Are You..._____________________?
  7. Warrior Cats Know Available!! Be A Member! Well hey guys well anyway I quit doing the wolf pack thing and started with the Warriors so if u want to be both then that is fine just message me. The rules are the same as the wolf pack theim except you have to choose what clan u are in and u start as a kit and grow as your way you will have training I will list the training secions of scedule in a moment. {Important Note!} There will be a cerramony whenever it is time so be sure to check your message box from time to time! Okay?? I will post your pictures when you have proven and I have seen or updated u as a true member!!So the only ways to prove u are worthy and loyal are that you need to be sure that u hunt for your clan u behave and be cooperative so yeah.Oh and your worst punishment is exile! But on the other hand you ill be fine! So don''t worry but well that''s all!
  8. Training Hey guys I am starting training but only for wolves or cats 6 moons old okay? Well just message me and we will start training and so yeah and another thing you will need to be at least 9 years old and up if you want to start early traing then the earliest but most is 6 moons old so yeah! So just message me ! okay?? well please messgae me but please put it in the coment box but we will be hunting and stuff and I am really looking forward into a deputy so be the first one comment and I will just test your stats and loyalty and I will see okay? Well thanks!
  10. Pick Random Things

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Quiz topic: What Warrior Cat am I Truly?