What warrior cat are you? Part 1

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A lot of people wonder, "˜If I was a Warrior Cat, who would I be? How would I act? What would be my clan?' I wonder about this all the time. It took me a long time to come up with my own. I want to help YOU find your name and such faster than I did. That is where this test comes along.

In this part, I will help you learn your name. I will give you a few names to choose from in each result. Do not ask how I do it. I'll soon help you learn your clan, personality, and looks soon. Good luck!

Created by: Rave098
  1. Would you Rather fight or heal?
  2. Would you rather hunt for the elders, for yourself, or look for herbs?
  3. Follow the Medacine cat code, the Warrior code?
  4. In a battle you would...
  5. Bye! I hope you get a good result! I'll get some more in later, if I can.

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Quiz topic: What warrior cat am I? Part 1