what warrior cat are you?

being a warrior is unlike any other thing in the worl, there is so much trust and loyalty. but so much sadness and losses and deceaving and hatred, but love and war

if you think you can handle this. this wonderful way of life, if you are ready to begone your life of being a twoleg and kittypet,take this quiz and fullfill your warrior destiny and learn the warrior code

Created by: ashartist of warriorcats.com
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  1. how loyal are you?
  2. prey is low and you are starving, you find a fat rabbit and take its life, what do you do?
  3. a cat from your own clan scares you dureing battle training and you hert them without meaning to, what do you do
  4. you like a cat from another clan what do you do
  5. what color pelt do you like
  6. what clan would you want to be in
  7. if you had a clan it would be
  8. are you
  9. do you like
  10. are you

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Quiz topic: What warrior cat am I?