warrior cat name quiz

my quiz is to see what your warrior name is. It is 12 questions long. if you are a warrior book fan this to not like the one on the website this is fan made.

how smart are you on warrior books? if you want to take quizzes on the warrior book you just read then go to warriorcats.com and click on quizzes. then click on the book you read.

Created by: wildhart

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  1. if your leader and brother were in a fox trap witch one would you save?
  2. Are rules important to you?
  3. wich clan do you like?
  4. if star clan sent you a message what would you do?
  5. if you were asked to spy on a clan would you do it?
  6. if another clan was takeing your land what would you do?
  7. if you found a kit in need what would you do?
  8. if you were hunting and you found a plump bird what would you do with it?
  9. if you were to pick a deputy how will you choose?
  10. if you were about to go to star clan what would be your reaction?

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