What walking dead character are you?

I made this quiz because I and many other people love the walking. I never miss an episode and I think I speak for many people when I say that. So I thought people would enjoy this quiz.

Do you really love the walking dead? Do you never miss a new episode? Have you always wonder which character you would be? Well this quiz is sure to help you find out.

Created by: melody
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  1. Your group splits up. What are you going to do?
  2. You have a zombie coming toward you which weapon would you choose first.
  3. You lost your shelter were do you head first the neighborhood to search for supplies, the woods to make camp, or keep walking till you find some shelter
  4. You see a person in the woods and approach him and asked to be in your group what will you say
  5. You see a zombie on the ground and it can't move what do you do
  6. Would you choose water or fire
  7. Black or white
  8. Forest or water
  9. Light or dark
  10. Rat or mouse

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Quiz topic: What walking dead character am I?