How Well Do You Know "The Walking Dead"?

Do you think you know AMC's The Walking Dead? Take my quiz and find out! New episodes in October! Please rate and comment! Thank you and goodbye! :)

So you reaally think you have what is takes to get 100% on my quiz? Take it and find out! Please rate and comment! Thank you and goodbye! :) so long!

Created by: GabiGirl

  1. Where was Rick when the virus started?
  2. Who was the first living people Rick met after the virus started?
  3. Who did Lori have an affair with when she thought Rick was dead?
  4. Who does Rick meet in the city?
  5. Who does Rick handcuff on a roof in the city?
  6. Who drops the keys to the handcuffs??
  7. What missing member of the group is found in Hershel's barn?
  8. Who finds and saves Andrea?
  9. Where does the group end up after Walkers attack the barn?
  10. What does Daryl nickname Rick's baby?
  11. Who dies saving Carol?
  12. Who puts out the Govenor's eye?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know "The Walking Dead"?