What voice type are you? (For girls)

Do you sing, mad want to know your voice type? Or do you not sing and just want to take a random quiz? Either way, this will be fun, and will tell you in a fairly accurate way what you would be classified as in a choir.

This will require a vocal range app (so you know what notes you're hitting for certain questions), or a piano if you know the notes on there. Anyway, enjoy! Please rate, and comment! Note that I don't know girl's voices as well as guys (since I am a guy😐), so please don't expect 100% accuracy

Created by: scratchmaster

  1. Ok now that Vocal Range app will come in handy. What is the lowest note you can hit in your chest voice? (Normal speaking voice)
  2. What's the lowest note you can support? (Test this by going down until your voice gets too weak or artificial, or your larynx lowers)
  3. Where's your first passaggio? (Test this by singing with a pure "ah" vowel in chest voice, and stop when you have to raise your jaw to continue singing in the same manner)
  4. What's the highest note you can sing with power in chest voice?
  5. How does your speaking voice sound?
  6. How does your singing voice sound?
  7. How easy is falsetto to use?
  8. What voice are you must comfortable singing in?
  9. Are male singers easier to keep along with?
  10. And last, doesn't matter too much, but why voice type do you want to be?

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Quiz topic: What voice type am I? (For girls)