What type of wings of fire dragon are you?

Hi! Hope you like this quiz. It will help you figure out what dragon you are! I will take this quiz myself! I really hope you guys like it! Also if you disagree with your result than try again! This is most likely not very accurate but I tried!

The types of dragons are nightwing,skywings,icewings,seawings,rainwings,and sandwings! Wait…I forgot mudwings! (I actually did and looked back XD) well as I said before. Hope you enjoy! Bye!

Created by: Etta

  1. Are you mysterious?
  2. Are you loyal and kind?
  3. Are you protective?
  4. Do you like to be cold?
  5. Do you like to relax like there’s no care in the world?
  6. Are you aggressive and like to be hot?
  7. Do you like to be high up and watch fighting?
  8. Do you like nature?
  9. Do you LOVE your siblings?
  10. Do you like the mud?

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Quiz topic: What type of wings of fire dragon am I?