What Wings of Fire Dragon Are You?

People think they are one type of dragon but they might be a different Type. Each dragon is unique in its own way. Each Choice is specific to one class of dragon.

Many dragons are unique and this test will tell you which dragon you are. The sandwings are three different types Burn Allies, Blaze allies, and Blister allies.

Created by: Mr. Turduckens

  1. What Is your favorite color?
  2. What Power Do You Want?
  3. What would you rather have?
  4. Strong,Tough,Or Fast
  5. White or Black
  6. Who is your favorite dragon?
  7. Which dragon would you want to be
  8. Which Pet?
  9. What book is your favorite?
  10. Which ally sandwing queen?

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Quiz topic: What Wings of Fire Dragon am I?