What type of wedgie slave are you?

You will take a quiz to see how much of a wedgie slave you are, and try to answer a acerate as possible! You wanna get full correct scores with this test

With your results there will be a test if you dont complete the test you you have to do the punishment. If 6oy somehow overlooked the punishment it is that you have to be wedgied from a whole week, and on the last day you have to go through a whole day in one wedgie that includes when you shower and pee.

Created by: Neighborhood slave

  1. Do you have a master/mistress
  2. What is your favorite wedgie
  3. Why are you taking this test
  4. Did you know that there will be a test when you get your scores and you have to do the punishment if you fail
  5. Do you enjoy being publicly humiliated by wedgies
  6. How often do you get wedgied
  7. Who is wedgieing you
  8. How long have you ever been wedgied
  9. What ever you have to do for your test or punishment, you have no chose but to do it
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Quiz topic: What type of wedgie slave am I?

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