What type of videogames do you like?

This quiz will give gamers and lazy people a whirl in there brain! Love game you shoud do this awesome quiz but if ur reatrtede or gay don't. Just be ready to do the quiz

Click here now to find out! come here and clik!! hopefully you will like it! it is made by a guy who like games! dont be a retard so whiz your brain through this quiz!

Created by: Ray

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like weapons?
  2. Do you think world of warcraft is cool?
  3. Do like like sleeping like a fat kid
  4. Do u rather hang out with friends than play games?
  5. Do you like shooting people in games
  6. Do you like playing modern warfare 2! (if u have it)
  7. Do you have a soldier/tank/airplane collection
  8. do u think this quiz is stupid?
  9. Do you like to work
  10. Do u love sitting down infront of your tv
  11. Do you think counter strike source is gay
  12. are u tired of waiting
  13. are u ready for ur answers

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Quiz topic: What type of videogames do I like?