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  • What type of Vampire are you?
    Your Result: Logical Vampire

    Youre smart and logical. You feed off humans but you dont kill. You just take enough to quench the thirst burning in your throat. Youre very strong and stratigetic, you sometimes like to show off your skills by "taking care of" the ones who know too much. To keep your secret just that, a secret. You have the ability to love but choose not to get too close, like most of us. Youre like Sita from the book Thirst by Christopher Pike.

    Not a vampire at all
    Softy Vampire
    Crazed, bloodthirsty Vampire
    Stereotype Vampire
    Wtf ps twilight sucks ...

  • I am a vampire softie, haha thats soo me. My lil 12 yr old bro took it and got crazed, bloodthirsty vampire. That is the difference between boys adn girls. Oh btw I am a girl.

    Yusei Fudo
  • great quiz, i got logical vampire ;)

  • crazed bloodthirsy vampire


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