What type of vampire are you?

Want to know what level Vampire you are? Here's the place to come. The most simplest of questions could determine which you are. At the Top above all or at the bottum.

Why take a stupid quiz about vampires? Well for one this is no cheapstake Twilight, this is genuine. Maybe your just curious, or maybe you just want to playaround with it.

Created by: Lesa
  1. What would your consider the most important in your life?
  2. Which weapon would you choose...
  3. Which animal would act as your Familiar?
  4. If you were to be exicuted by a Pureblood for a crime you've committed, how would you want to die?
  5. What book would you be most likely reading?
  6. If a supper hot, seductive, and intellgent guy came knocking at your window at night you would...
  7. Which Vampire ability would you have?
  8. What do you prefer in a partner?
  9. Which Element would you be able to control the best?
  10. Would you betray your allies?

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Quiz topic: What type of vampire am I?