What type of person should I marry?

Who should you marry? Take this quiz to find out which personality type best suits your partner. You have to be sompatible with the person you will marry.

Find some common ground. Will you going to mary a hilarious, smart protective, popular, or adventurous/creative/outgiong person? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Sarah
  1. If you couldn't travel/explore, how fast do you think you would die of bordom?
  2. You have two job offers. One is from you lifelong best friend. One is from a new person. Your best friend would be devistated if you didn't take their job and would never be friends with you again. The new person couldn't care less if you didn't take the job. Your best friends job makes $19,784 per year. The new person's job would make you $125,000 per year. Which job would you choose?
  3. On a scale of 1 - 10, how important is it to laugh? ( 1 being not important, 10 being extremely important )
  4. Do you enjoy being independent with no one to push you along?
  5. How do you enter parties?
  6. Do you complain a lot?
  7. So... What was your GPA?
  8. Indoors / Outdoors?
  9. Do people call you a blond?
  10. Is style important to you?
  11. Please pick your favorite smiley face.

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