What type of partier are you?

People like to go out and let off steam, but we all do it in different ways. Some of us are considered more 'wild and extreme' while others are more 'relaxed and laid back' about it. There are all kinds of partiers.

So how do YOU party? Are you a wild-child at heart and the life of the party, or do you prefer a small group of close friends and a more laid-back evening? Find out in this quiz!

Created by: Wiccawolf

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  1. Do you prefer hard liquor or beer?
  2. What kind of shots do you drink?
  3. How much do you remember the next day after going out?
  4. How do you typically dress for a typical Friday night out?
  5. Have you ever lost or forgotten anything after a night out?
  6. Are you 'the life of the party' ?
  7. Have you ever broken anything while out getting rowdy?
  8. Ever drunk-dial after having too much?
  9. Ever tell a friend 'you've had enough to drink tonight'
  10. Have you ever ordered a drink simply because it was new and in a magazine?

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Quiz topic: What type of partier am I?