what type of music do you like?

everyone likes different kinds of music and thats good , its good to be different Its good to like the music you like because whom cares what other people think

take this quiz, using you knowledge see which music style you like and know the most about , see what you get , but hopefully yo already know what you like

Created by: chantelle

  1. which of these artists do you like the most ?
  2. which of these songs do you like best?
  3. which of these artists are you favourite ?
  4. which festival would u want to go to ?
  5. favourite artist out of the following
  6. which of the following do you like the least
  7. which band sings these lyrics ? Im acred to get close i hate being alone i long for that feeling to now feel at all the higher i get the lower ill sink i can't drown my demons they know how to swim
  8. who sings these lyrics ? and we danced all night to the best song we knew every line now i can't remember how it goes but i know that i won't forget her
  9. what band is Calum Hood from ?
  10. straight up which music do you like best ?

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Quiz topic: What type of music do I like?