What type of makeup are you quiz

This quiz is about what kind of make up you are or you blush lipstick eyeshadow or mascara. Are you a beauty Guru or fashion flop. Enjoy the special quiz I made just for you beautiful ladies.

Are you ready to find out how beautiful you truly are what kind of make up are you do you know already. If you think you know and do this quiz and you'll really find out. I hope you enjoy it.

Created by: Payton

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What coulor is the best
  2. Color or no color?
  3. Yes or no? Do you like beauty?
  4. Flowers or no flowers
  5. Restaurant or fast food
  6. What type of flower
  7. Favourite holiday
  8. Cry or hold it in so you don't ruin your makeup
  9. Prepared not prepared
  10. Activity

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Quiz topic: What type of makeup am I quiz